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Tortuga never changes.

Oh, it's a different blowsy whore offering to relieve him of his troubles and his last few coins, and it's a different pack of drunks shouting uproariously at each other, and a different poor sod sleeping it off in the pigpen, but nothing's really changed since the last few times Bootstrap Bill Turner was here.

Except, of course, himself.

Bill manages to put off the painted trollop, sidestep the developing brawl, and get to a corner table with his tankard mostly unspilled. He sits down, takes a drink, and hunches slightly over.

Another drink, maybe two, and then maybe he'll see if anyone in port is taking on crew.

Date: 2007-09-19 05:05 am (UTC)
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To one who knows what to look for, there's a few places set up for just such an approach -- a table here, a lounging first mate there with a scrap of paper at his side, and of course milling crowds all around.

This is Tortuga, after all.

Therefore, there's no reason to take any particular notice of the man who walks in the door, neatly sidestepping a boisterous brawl.

He settles his hat on his head and looks around the room -- and then black eyes brighten with a sudden pleased light.

"If it isn't William Turner."


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